Urban Myths about Learning and Education

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We have been going through two very special years. The good news about crises is that they will end. The bad news is that there will always be a new crisis on the horizon. How can we make our children more resilient? And as we’ve seen motivation levels drop, how can we motivate our children to work and learn?


Nous avons traversé deux années très spéciales. La bonne nouvelle avec les crises, c’est qu’elles se terminent. La mauvaise nouvelle est qu’il y aura toujours une nouvelle crise à l’horizon. Comment pouvons-nous rendre nos enfants plus résilients ? Et comme nous avons vu les niveaux de motivation chuter, comment pouvons-nous motiver nos enfants à travailler et à apprendre ?

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Pedro De Bruyckere is an educational scientist from Ghent, Belgium. He translates the newest scientific insights to the daily practice. In his talk he will discuss both topics, based on his forthcoming book ‘The Psychology of Great Teaching’ about almost everything you need to know about psychology for children and youngsters.


Pedro De Bruyckere est un scientifique de l’éducation de Gand, en Belgique. Il transpose les connaissances scientifiques les plus récentes dans la pratique quotidienne. Dans son exposé, il abordera ces deux sujets en s’appuyant sur son livre à paraître, « The Psychology of Great Teaching », qui traite de presque tout ce que vous devez savoir sur la psychologie des enfants et des jeunes.



More Urban Myths About Learning and Education: Challenging Eduquacks, Extraordinary Claims, and Alternative Facts examines common beliefs about education and learning that are not supported by scientific evidence before using research to reveal the truth about each topic.

The book comprises sections on educational approaches, curriculum, educational psychology, and educational policy, concluding with a critical look at evidence-based education itself. Does playing chess improve intelligence? Should tablets and keyboards replace handwriting? Is there any truth to the 10,000-hour rule for expertise? In an engaging, conversational style, authors Pedro De Bruyckere, Paul A. Kirschner, and Casper Hulshof tackle a set of pervasive myths, effectively separating fact from fiction in learning and education.

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